who would have thought?

this was something my friends would tell me after every break up ... now I know that it is true.

Since I was 19, I have been in a relationship. Last year, May 20th, I broke up with my then almost 2 year boyfriend and cried my heart out to my Mom. Amidst my Mom's desire to strangle me for being stupid, she made me promise to stay single for a year.

I honestly didn't think I could do it but guess what? Today is the 19th of May and in a few hours, it will be the 20th of May. Guess what I do not have? A boyfriend. Guess what I haven't had in a year? Yep, a relationship with a guy.

Who would have thought that dear old me who is perpetually in a relationship with someone would actually be able to manage not getting in one? No one. All my friends are amazed that I was able to do it and so am I.

I am happy though. I realize that my happiness does not rely on a guy and that I can be happy on my own. Admittedly, I am in love with someone but we're not together and I don't know when we will be together or if he will find someone else and I will be left with unrequited love.

Still ... I am happy. I am single and I am happy.

Who would have thought?