because I knew you ...

A couple of days ago, I sent a text to someone saying that I was dedicating the song "For Good" from Wicked to him. I said that since I met him, I have actually become a better person.  I didn't get a response or acknowledgement.

I was kinda impressed with how positive he was when we met. He would always challenge me by saying, "what else can you improve on yourself?" He would not accept that I was made this way and would always counter that until we have air to breathe, there is room for improvement.

These days, I find myself able to handle mishaps better. Where before I would get easily upset when my feet gets wet during the rain, now I have learned to not mind it and instead focus on the music on my iPOD. Where before I would wallow in misery and self pity for weeks and months, now I am able to do it in 2 days and get out of that funk. Before, it would take a miracle to make me smile at someone I do not know but now, I am more free in giving away my smile and welcoming a new person to the group.

As the song says, I cannot say that I have become a better person overall because I knew him but what I do know is that because I knew him, I have been changed for good.

I just wish that it was the same for him ... but its not ... or if it is ... he's very good in hiding it.