Monday, December 1, 2008

you don't bring me ...

This song has been playing on my mind for the last 15 minutes or so. I'm not sure if you guys know this song by Barbra Streisand.

You dont bring me flowers
You dont sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come thru the door
At the end of the day.

It reminds me of a lot of things that are no longer part of the status quo. I was booking through one of my scrapbooks and I realized that I have not added to this specific scrapbook which houses greeting cards. It saddened me to know that the reason I have not added anything was because no one gives those out anymore, including me.

This is the cover of my scrapbook for cards. This holds a sentimental value to me because this was the only card I received from my Dad. The one and only card.

I miss that. I miss getting love notes, love letters, birthday cards, cards for no reason at all, or cards that tell me I'm special or what have you. In this time and age of Wall-to-Wall, IM, YM, testimonials, or SMS ... I believe that nothing beats getting a handwritten note from someone. A handwritten note is more personal and shows that the other person took time to get you a card, think of what to write, and actually write it down on paper. It is more tangible and can be read anytime we want.

I think people should still write love letters to one another. I think people should still give flowers and chocolates and stuff toys. I think people should still get that special person something that you know would make that person smile JUST BECAUSE. There is no need for a reason. Just because.

Isn't that more than enough reason? Why did you get me this? Just because.



  1. I know that song. I use to get love notes all the time in college, but I'm not exactly a giver. My bad.

  2. Most of the time I give out something not for a specific event in one's life but "just because." :) It seems more special.

    c5 @ Battling Asthma

  3. I love the emotions in this blog:) hapi nyu yer, keep on blogging:)))

  4. Missing those kind of stuff too. Though technology has brought "easier" means to communicate, cards, notes, letters seem to have that unique "appeal" especially coming from love ones. :-)

  5. Ah yes very familiar...I love the tone to it but the lyric is quite depressing. my mom love's Barbra that's why. Good news though, I still give letters :) i love the personal touch to it...and I even keep with me a personal diary where I can jot down random thoughts even poems that I never publish in my blogs...more like a reminder of how blessed I am :)

  6. your site and posts are full of emotions .aiat tells who you are ,what you have been through and how you feel.

  7. i like to teach the world to sing this kind of songs again... full of real-life emotions

  8. You are so lucky your dad gave you a card. My dad and I shared many happy memories but he never wrote me a letter even when he went to Germany. Different people have different characters. My dad and mom is in heaven now.

  9. I totally agree with you. Writing letters and notes is more personal and meaningful for me.

  10. People stop giving cards JUST BECAUSE they have lost contact with their loved ones. People stop writing love letters JUST BECAUSE they don't have the feeling to do it. People stop giving CHOCOLATES JUST BECAUSE they don't the ready cash to buy it.People stop giving flowers JUST BECAUSE flowers are rare or not common that the time they need it. Meaning, in everything there is a SEASON... JUST BECAUSE everything is temporal and ephemeral. They didn't last or they didn't come in due time. JUST BECAUSE you want your relationship be not be affected, be not be disconnected, communication in any means is the answer. JUST BECAUSE one of human biological needs is to be loved. And in return you will be reciprocated JUST BECAUSE of the good and satisfying feeling the recipient received from the honest, caring and loving giver. And finally it is LOVE, the main ingredient of those things JUST BECAUSE God has said, "Love one another as I have loved you."

    From RandomThoughts!

  11. things with a personal touch means a lot than the common forwarded text or messages... i always treasure such things... Yahweh bless

  12. yup I prefer short and personal greetings than a long and forwarded messages same thing with letters even in a short one


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