Wednesday, December 10, 2008

stalk me much?

Seriously H and family, this is the best that you can do? Have someone call my Mom's house incessantly and call me names? That is so high school. What do you get out of it? You feel happy coz you kinda irritated me? Would that make me go back to you? Hell no. Would that make me want to be with you? Definitely no. Would that make me desire you again? That has not happened in 8 months and we've only been apart 1 month technically.

You are a loser. I really must have been crazy in love with you to not have seen that. You lied about so many things that I wonder if any part of our relationship was even true? You said you graduated with two degrees? Two degrees my foot. You didn't finish school. You don't have a diploma to prove it and your own family has admitted it. You resigned from that bank you worked for in the South? Hahahahahaha! You're AWOL! I wonder what the new company will think of that. You're Mr. Nice Guy, poor you to have such a hag of a partner in me, I wonder what your friends will think if they know hjow you punched me and pushed me off the bed when I was 5 months along.

You are a loser and stalking me will not change anything. You'd still be a loser and you will always be a loser.


  1. He does sound like a loser. Don't let him get to you. I can't be believe he punched and pushed you off the bed when you were pregnant.

  2. I can't believe that I forgave him for doing that. At least now I know better.


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