Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Congeniality

You know how in the office there is always that one person who gets along with everyone? Yes, in this world where personalities are so diverse there is almost no one who is just exactly the same, there is one person who gets along WITH EVERYONE? Isn't that amazing?

I find that scary. Whenever I meet such person (lets call her Miss Congeniality,) I veer away. Yes, I may chat and do some small talk but I will definitely not be hanging out with this person. Miss Congeniality is the type who swings (not in that way pervert) but the type who will agree with you over something and when someone disagrees with you behind your back, will agree with that person too.

She has no spine. She has no principles. She definitely has no loyalty. See, you can never please everyone so when you manage to, it means you just flex to fit whoever you are with. I don't like that. I don't admire it. I don't recommend it.

Do you have a Miss Congeniality in your life?


  1. I use to know someone that sucked up to everyone. Most people saw her for who she really was and didn't like her.


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