Thursday, December 25, 2008

how Xmas day was spent

I woke up this Xmas to my alarm sounding off. I was wondering what the H Fergie was doing singing in my room when I realized it was my alarm set to Labels or Love. I turned it off then saw that I accidentally answered's J's call. He was already walking towards the gate. Lol. So much for preparation.

Soon as I stepped out of the room, I was greeted with a chorus of voices saying, "Namamasko Po!" It means Merry Xmas and we're here to ask for some gifts. Lol. It's a Filipino thing where little kids roam around the village and ask for gifts. Sort of like our version of Trick or Treat only done in December.

I smacked my head coz I completely forgot to prepare candies for the kids. I had to resort to the next best thing; P5 coins. Lol. I think I made some kids happy. And as they say, give and you shall receive.

This is my little sister giving coins to some kids when they sang some Xmas Carols last night. =)


  1. I wish I had a little brother like yours, doing all the cooking. =)

    I had the whole family help me with the food this year and it turned into some form or organized chaos, but it was fun.

    What fascinates me most is your form or "trick or treating", we have ours when it's Easter, and I thought we were the only "odd" ones.

  2. Hahahahaha! We Filipinos are very odd creatures. Merry Xmas Kadri!

  3. We had a jar of P5.00 coins for the carolers. Yohan loved the part of giving money to the children.

  4. @ Rachel: Same here. A piggybank so to speak naman was our version of it.


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