Saturday, December 27, 2008

meeting my Kumare at Trinoma

Yesterday found me bored but a lil bit hesitant to go out since it was really hot. Then I got a text from Rochelle and remembered that I told here we wouild meet at Trinoma which is in the North and I happen to live in the South. It was very close.

So off I went with my lil boy in tow, my lil sis, my lil brother who is not so little and of course Nanny J. We walked towards the jeepney stop and waited 15-20 minutes under the sweltering heat because not a single jeepney passed by that was not full. Apparently all the Filipinos thought the same thing, "Let's all go out and have fun!" Whee! NOT.

So we finally took a tricycle (to see what I'm talking about, click on the links.) It was pretty cramped if I may say so. Then we walked for 5 minutes towards the bus stop and went down in Baclaran and took another jeep and got on the MRT. What should have taken 1.5 hours took 3 hours because of the insane traffic.

So finally we got there and what welcomes us? People looking like ants. Yes, ants coz they were that MANY. It was insane. I actually said out loud, "It's just a freaking mall!" Sheesh.

Finally we got to our destination, Bubba Gump. Rochelle and I met and we had a ppretty good dinner amidst the "Railey, stop that!" and "B, behave!" Food was good and we were pretty full. Here are some pics of the event.

Going home was another disaster waiting to happen. We stopped at the start of the MRT and wasted one hour looking for a ride to Baclaran. We had to resort to going to MOA and then waiting 30more minutes for a cab. It was insane. We had to do so many workarounds just to get home.

Rochelle, its a good thing I love you girl. Lol.


  1. it's really nice meeting true people after a long long time....sorry for all the travel disaster....hahahha bawi ako next time.... love you mare

  2. That must have been a nice get together.

  3. @ rochelle: Worth it naman girl.

    @ Rachel: Yes it was. Simple pero worth it.


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