Thursday, December 11, 2008

things that I am thankful for

I'm in a bit of a dump and feeling a wee bit depressed. I don't like feeling this way so once again, I will list down things that I am thankful for and people that I treasure.
  1. my family who has always been there to support me
  2. relatives who love me and care for me
  3. J, who's a constant boulder to lean on
  4. work - it keeps me busy and it is a steady source of income for me
  5. my creativity - at least I have an outlet for all the angst that I am feeling
  6. sense of humor - as they say, everything can be overcome with a few bouts of laughter
  7. God - yes, believe it or not, I do believe in God
  8. most of all, my son, B who is the reason why I am still standing strong eventhough I am being beaten down by people left and right
This, too, shall pass.


  1. The most important thing in life is your attitude towards it. People that do their best to stay positive and make the best out of what they have live longer and has a better quality of life. Once you let the bad things in this world control you the quality of your life goes down the drain too. =/

    Making lists like yours is a great way of reminding one self of all the good things in life. I think that you'll walk out of your problems with the ex as a stronger and better person.

  2. Thank you so much. There are moments that I do feel down and get dragged into the mud but I am able to stand up and be positive again. It just sucks that there are negative people and people who are so bitter.

  3. I hope you better soon. As you said, you do have things/people to be thankful for.

  4. Yes I do and I am very happy that I do. I hope things will get better soon.


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