Monday, December 29, 2008

priority and options

I need to make myself and my family the center of my world. It used to be that whenever I fall in love, I make the guy the center of my world. I always want to be with him and pamper him and make him happy. It was good when we both wanted the same thing. It's not so good when you don't want the same thing. One comes off as being clingy while the other comes off as being distant. Not a good combination.

What is it with me and making someone else the center of my world? Why do I do that? I shouldn't. I should never make someone my priority if I am just an option to that person. If I do, I will get hurt. The need to step back and detach comes into play. So I will.

I just hope that when I detach, I can still remember to attach when needed.

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