Friday, December 12, 2008

if you weren't worth it, they wouldn't bother

This is something that I've been told a few times in the past and I seriously thought that it was just a cliche uttered to try and comfort me when I feel miserable coz someone said nasty things about me that were not true. I thought the person who said it just wanted me to feel better about myself but did not really mean it. After all, I was nothing especial. I was just another teenage girl who looked pretty average.

I've come to realize now that this IS indeed true. I am worth it and this is why there are people who seems to want to get me down and will stop at nothing to get me down. I am worth it because I have so much to give and I know how to use the skills and talents that have been given to me.
  • I am pretty. Yes, I am not goddess material but I have a certain appeal that is favored by not only the male species but people in general.
  • I have charm and when I want to use it, I can be really really charming.
  • I am intelligent and smart. I know a lot of things bookwise and knowledge wise and I am learning more about being street smart and smart about life every single day.
  • I have hips and butt that JLo would kill for. Lol.
  • I may be "voluptuous" but I have really good skin.
  • I have VERY supportive family and friends. Few friends admittedly but they are very REAL and fiercely loyal.
  • I have a stable job.
  • Lastly, I know that I have God on my side.
So yes, I am worth it and this is why they bother to harass me, stalk me, try to drive me crazy, and threaten me with things. I will not let them get me down. Why? Coz they are not worth it.


  1. You are a real person inside and out and it makes u worth in every single aspects of life. continue to be in God's side and he will continue to bless you all the way...

  2. I keep praying mare. I have been praying especially for my Mom, family, and my son.

    Thank you.


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