Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Am I Cosmo enough?

I love the magazine Cosmopolitan. I get the latest fashion tips there, career moves to make, and other really helpful stuff but I most especially like the feature on the Cosmo women that they feature. It's really empowering.

At times though, I wonder if I am Cosmo enough. What is a Cosmo woman? They say that she is a go-getter. Check. They say that she is independent? Hmm ... I'm not so sure about this because I rely on family, friends, and J heavily. They say that she is strong and can weather any calamity. Check. They say that she is financially responsible. So not check. I will be starting today though. I think.

I guess I'm not as Cosmo as I would like to think I am. There is still that Maria Clara in me, there is still that scatterbrained girl in me, but there is also a Cosmo woman in me. I am a lot of things and I have a lot of facade which I think is a good thing. After all, isn't that what being truly Cosmo is all about?


  1. Print magazines are going online-only one after another. Would you still love Cosmo as much if it were purely online?

  2. Yes I would. Even more since it would be cheaper and archive exists.


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