Tully's Coffee

I was early for an appointment because I did not like being late. However, I was 30 minutes too early for this meeting so I had to go somewhere else and pass time. It was a good thing that right across the street, there was a cafe. I immediately headed over there and grabbed a seat at Tully's Coffee.

What I liked most about the cafe was that it was just so earthy and cozy. I most especially like their chairs because it was so comfortable.

I love the earth tones and I can imagine the same furniture in my home.

As for the coffee, the selection was nothing out of the ordinary but I did get to try their signature coffee.

This is Tully's Dark Mocha Cafe. It was pretty strong but actually quite good. I enjoyed every sip.

Overall, I can definitely see myself hanging out at this place should I find myself within the area. This is saying a lot since I've been cutting down drastically on coffee due to my gout. :(

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  1. I've been seeing this in BGC but haven't gotten around to actually try it yet.. ^^ Will make a mental note to finally visit it the next time I'm int the area :)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Sumi! Yes, you should definitely give it a go. One of the most comfortable coffee shops I have been to.

  3. They have a branch in Ortigas. I should give this a try soon. Re: the gout. My masseuse said the same thing about lessening the coffee intake, kasi masakit lagi yung joints ko pag minamasahe. Sabi sa kin sobra daw kasi ako sa kape. :(