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Throwback with the Nokia C2

If you have ever wondered what it's like to own a phone from the early 2000 but you're also not willing to give up on your Android feels, the Nokia C2 is the phone for you.

The Nokia C2 comes in black and cyan. I was able to get my hands on the Cyan version and it is a lovely color. Very sleek and chic if you ask me.

Here are the specs.

The Nokia C2 comes with 4G connectivity and with the most affordable price point for a Nokia phone yet at Php3,790.

So why did I say this was a throwback? Simple. It still has an external battery that you can take out. Isn't it cute? It definitely reminds me of my phones back in the early 2000 but what's amazing is that it is already an android phone.

It also has the standard buttons of an android phone so the sense of familiarity is definitely there.

Battery life is pretty strong with the Nokia C2 probably because of the external battery which can hold more juice. Camera wise, the Nokia C2 is more than passable. This phone would be recommmended for those with young kids and those who just need basic usage on their phone. Call, text, snap a selfie, or take a photo and simple video, if this is what you need, the Nokia C2 is more than enough and with a budget that won't break banks, what more can you ask for?


  1. omg NOKIA! I thought they no longer manufacture mobile phones. The brand used to be amazing...

  2. Oh my gosh, I remember Nokia phones! I actually love this gorgeous cyan colour, though.

  3. I had no idea that Nokia was even still a thing lol. I absolutely LOVE that color.

  4. oh my! take me back. that is so sweet and nostalgic, I used to love Nokia phones

  5. Great information! I've been thinking about buying a new phone but I have a hard time deciding about the best option.

  6. Such a great overview of the phone!

  7. omgggg! I remember the Nokia. Nokia was actually my very first phone haha.

  8. It's a great looking phone, but I will probably choose throwback on something that I don't need the tech for!

  9. OMG... Nokia was my favorite in those days. Good throwback

  10. I had yet to hear of this phone! Very cool sounding though.


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