Tuesday, August 18, 2020

5 Things You Need this Pandemic

There are a few things that people need to have to survive this pandemic. Aside from the usual face mask, face shield, hand soap, and alcohol, there are other things that you need to survive the pandemic. 


1. UV Sterilizer 

Having this helps to kill the bacteria that may attach itself to your phone, bag, or clothing. This is portable so you can carry it around with you.

2, IonAir Wearable Air Purifier

This IonAir Wearable Air Purifier is something that you can wear on your neck to help clean the air that you breathe. M has been using this and it helps to give us more peace of mind because it's supposed to clean the air that he breathes. 

I did a quick unboxing here

3. Ezekiel's Balm

These balms are a life saver. When you feel stressed out, these balms will help to calm, energize, relax, or rejuvenate you. The Pomegranate is good for achy muscles. These balms are a total lifesaver. 

4. Sleep 

The whole work from home or needing to stay home most of the time has put schedules on whack. Sometimes, we can end up thinking that we have had 8 hours of sleep but because of the fact that we are just staying home, it means that we are no longer tracking our sleep. 

Sleep is fundamental in ensuring that our immune system is healthy and strong. 

5. More fruits, less processed Food 

These days, we need to eat more natural food and less of the canned ones or the ones that are packed in plastic. 

We all don't know when this pandemic will be over but we can do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I will surely follow and recommend these nice tips to my friends and family. Nowadays, these kind of things is very necessary.

  2. Because I've been staying in much more than I have in the past, I definitely have been eating out way less (typically not at all), meaning my processed food intake is next to nothing. It's all healthy eating at home now! :)

  3. These are some great reminders for you us for things that will make our life better. I don't go out nearly as much as I did before!

  4. these tips and ideas are going to be very helpful and useful indeed...glad you shared these with us..in pandemic these things are the foremost need of everyone

  5. I have been trying to eat much healthier lately. If at the beginning of the pandemic I ate a lot of fast food, now I'm eating very clean.

  6. I love the sound of those balms. Not seen them before but bet the pomegranate one smells amazing!!!

  7. Oh goodness you've reminded me that I really need to get an air purifier! i've been eyeing one since spring but never made the decision! This and the balm I'll be putting pn my shopping list.

  8. SO many great recommendations I have gotten so many cute face masks from online that i love!!! thanks for sharing

  9. We generally don't eat processed food. I have not heard of the UV sterilizer. I will have to look into it. These are all great tips!

  10. Staying safe during the pandemic is definitely important, so I'm really glad you shared these with us. Thank you!

  11. These are really important and great tips. Written very thoughtfully. Especially about sleep. Thanks!

  12. Oh this tips are so great! I will try this sterilizer. Thanks for sharing this ideas.

  13. Oooh that air purifier sounds amazing, I totally need to look into that, thanks!

  14. This pandemic is really inconvenient.
    This is a really great help!

  15. Those are some great items to check out. I like the idea of portable air purifier.


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