Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Parenting Influencers in the world of Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Raising kids is hard work and at times, it is daunting and exhausting. Parents find social media a place to share rants next to the inevitable moments of their kids. Leading this thriving social space are parenting bloggers and influencers who are blowing up on the influencer marketing industry.

Apart from sharing funny, heartwarming and insightful moments from their family life, these parenting influencers share how they shape their kids to be responsible adults in the future. The parent bloggers and influencers' amazing experiential wisdom can offer much-needed guidance and support to other parents, especially the first-time ones. Followers or readers feel like they actually have things a little bit under control because of these fountains of parenting knowledge.

Parenting influencers often called the powerhouse of social media; show their audience that they are just as lost as them and at the same time these parents help their audience get through the challenges in life. These bloggers and influencers make parenting just a teeny, tiny bit easier which makes all the difference.

When people think of parenting influencers, Mommy bloggers and influencers are often the first image that springs to mind. They are the women who document every aspect of their parenting life from pregnancy to babies to schooling, to being a hands-on wife and being the queen of the household.

Just like mommy bloggers, every dad out there also has something to offer. Daddy influencers also run the gamut of styles, personalities, and contents; from travel and techy-mad dads to stay-at-home fathers.

Brands today are turning to credible and hardworking parenting influencers for a soft-and-subtle launch of new products because they feel they stand a better chance by reaching out to ‘real’ and organic audiences. Brands focus on these parents because they connect better with a larger part of the audience than a celebrity. Parenting bloggers and influencers connect with both the audience and the brand making the readers feel like they are not alone in the parenting journey.

These Mommy and Daddy influencers have a unique story that is worth telling. They have real and organic followers, wherein their fan base and follower count are 90 percent organic and real. There’s credibility, honesty, and authenticity attached to what they do or what they post.

As a parenting blogger, they tap the psyche of their reader group who are looking for problem-solving. They try and resolve their issues by sharing experience from their day-to-day life. Parenting bloggers write about topics that will genuinely help people, a way to connect with parents out there who have had to deal with a lot.

These parents also have real struggles and yet they hold their heads high. Learning about them can be inspiring and motivational which is why parenting influencers are successful in getting more and more promotional deals from brands.

Parents' ability to think logically, behave authoritatively, communicate confidently, and build rapport with other people; make them more convincing, thus giving the brands and businesses more reasons to trust parenting influencers for anything related to influencer marketing. 


  1. Having quality support in anything in life makes the living a bit easier. And using other person's experience tacking the same tasks and difficulties, and then sharing such experiences, make it a great way to learn from.

  2. such an interesting post!! thanks for sharing this info

  3. Yes, I agree. They are relatable to millions of people and inspiring too.

  4. I feel we are lucky that many moms and parents are into social media as we have more sources to help us decide wisely in many aspects of parenting. We just need to chose those we should follow as moms differ in many ways.

  5. Social media is part of our day to day now and it is great to see how parents are integrating it into parenting.

  6. Such an interesting post, thank you for the great info!

  7. social media is the day of our times and a pretty good way for parents to get parenting information. Wish we had it when I was younger - Denise


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