Wednesday, August 19, 2020

3 Ways to Keep Baby Healthy

I have a 6 month old child and to keep him happy, I need to make sure that he is healthy and comfy at all times. This means that I need to make sure that the stuff I use on him are good ones that will make him happy and healthy because a happy baby means more sleep for the Mommy. 


1. Bathe Baby Well. 

My son loves bath time so much so I need to make sure that I use baby shower that is not harmful to his eyes and skin. He revels in taking a bath and can spend a long time wallowing in the water so I chose Babyflo for his bathing needs. 

It doesn't have a scent which means that it is delicate on the skin because it has less chemicals. It makes soapy bubbles though so it makes Khali giggle and that makes him happy. 

2. Dry Diaper 

When babies experience diapers that is leaky, gets filled easily, or causes rashes, that results to an irritated baby. An irritated baby is not a happy baby and he won't eat, sleep, or play well. This is why the Pampers Drier and Less Lawlaw pants is a good choice for me. 

3. Vitamins 

Choosing the right vitamins needs to be done with your pedia's approval. Thankfully, my pedia approves of Bio-Fit for my son. He takes this daily and his appetite has increased and he has gained weight. 

He is strong and he is a well baby which is the only thing that I can ask for. 

At the end of the day, what matters is that baby is healthy, happy, and loved. My sons, they are all these and more. 

PS. Make sure baby wears Bebe by SO-EN coz it's super comfortable. 


  1. I don't have a baby but these tips are important and they make a lot of sense especially the vitamins. Thank you so much.

  2. These tips are so essential! Thank you for sharing these! And what a little cutie!

  3. It's so important that the Baby always healthy and safe These tips would help a lot for all of parents.

  4. These are all perfect tips for keeping your baby healthy (and thus, happy)! Plus, your little one is the sweetest baby ever! So, so cute.

  5. Bath time was my favorite time with my babies! They love it so much and it is so much fun. This is great advice.

  6. Both your kids look well groomed and sincere. Maybe they have inherited those Genes from you. As far as baby diet tips go, vitamins are a vital addition to their diet!

  7. Vitamins are an absolute must have now that I know about them! I wasn't even aware that there were vitamins for babies. I'll have to look into these for sure.

  8. I don't have a baby yet but I find it very helpful for the future


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