Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Facebook Changes ONLINE SELLERS need to KNOW NOW

These days, almost everyone has become an online seller. We all need to sell something online to be able to make a living. However, not all of us know how to go about maximizing the use of Facebook to our advantage. 

Luckily for you, I have access to some important news about Facebook and how this will be a game changer for online sellers. 

1.  Hashtags are now working on Facebook to increase organic reach. It used to be that hashtags were frowned upon on Facebook but now, they are finally utilizing it and helping to increase reach on your posts. Yay for content creators and online sellers. 

2.  Instagram Reels - the brand new feature which is a direct copycat of TikTok.

3.  Live Shopping which is a part of the new Facebook Shops that will be coming soon. This will give the ability for your customers to buy real-time as you stream live on Facebook or Instagram.

4.  Facebook Shops which is a unified Facebook and Instagram shop, plus Facebook Pay and coming soon checkout in Messenger and WhatsApp! This will make online shopping and selling so much easier.

5.  Messenger Rooms - live video chat for up to 50 people available in Messenger, Facebook and coming more widely to Instagram and WhatsApp. PLUS,  you can also stream your Room via Facebook Live.

There are so many more updates that will be coming in so we need to stay updated and on top of our toes so that we can catch up and maximize everything.

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