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Nostalgia Cookies in a Box by Apron Strings

I'm a child of the 80s. This means that I was born in 1980 and I grew up in the 90s. During the 90s, there were some very distinct food and beverages that you grew up eating and drinking that are no longer available today, or so I thought. 

There was this bunch of cookies served before and anytime that you had these at home, they were kind of the highlight of your meryenda. You see, for a kid, these were the fanciest cookies you could have had back then. 

Nowadays, people have gone crazy mad with designs and what not but back in the 90s, the cookies looked like cookies and tasted like heaven in every bite. 

Thankfully, Ria of Apron Strings is bringing back the cookies from the 90s and aptly named it Nostalgia Cookies in a Box. 

As you can see, it looks like a simple bunch of cookies but what you can't see is that when you bite into this, you will be reminded of your Lola's baking or cooking. You will be reminded of a time when everything was simple and there was nothing complex about the world. 

These cookies are simple and tasty, just like how cookies are supposed to be. 

I had a smile on my face with every bite that I took out of these Nostalgia cookies. At the end of the day, isn't that the one thing that we want most when we sit down, eat, and spend time with our family? 

To order, message them on their Facebook page.


  1. I remember the simple and delicious delights from the 90's too! Growing up in the 80's-90's was so much fun.

  2. Oh my gosh how fun is that! I love cookies, this would be great!

  3. It is so funny that I should be reading this post right now. I was literally thinking about a fig filled cookie that I had when I was about 6 that I have always remembered the taste and smell. And I get a craving to taste that every so often. That just happened about a half hour ago!!!

  4. These cookies omg!!! I want want want! I would love to bake me some, I will soon...

  5. These cookies look so yummy! These are some of my favorite cookies especially with a big glass of milk!

  6. Oh yes, I remember those cookies very well - weird actually how things change in time :)

  7. These cookies look so great, going to make some soon!

  8. what a cute name for cookies! ot must taste so good!defi itely want to try it❤

  9. These cookies make me nostalgic and bring about a sense of familiarity! Great post and yes the cookies look awesome!

  10. So true. I like reminiscing about foods everytime I sit and talked with my family. It happens really often because of this pandemic.


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