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Review on Go Gyoza

Sometimes, you just want something simple and straightforward, no frills, just plain old fried goodness. Go Gyoza is just that. It's simple, easy, good, and something that is tried and tested. It's a classic.

Go Gyoza is frozen goods which initially frightened me because the first time I had frozen gyoza, it was horrible. This one, thankfully different. 

We decided to fry this one because gyoza is best enjoyed fried.
I also made sure that we had a lot of rice and soy sauce. Gyoza is best with rice. Trust me on this. Fried rice works better but we didn't have the time to make one coz the smell of the fried gyoza was getting to us.

A pack of gyoza costs Php120 and a pack has 8 pcs inside. If you are a heavy eater like we are, then it's best to buy 4 packs minimum because you will need that many. We did. 

To order, message them at Go Gyoza.