Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tips for Successful Online Shopping

Nowadays, online shopping has become the norm. This also means that a lot of people that I know has at one point or another, gotten scammed via online shopping.

Since I have been doing online shopping for some time now, I've learned a few tips and tricks to make sure that I never, ever get bamboozled again.

Tip # 1

READ the description.

A lot of us tend to just read the caption and then order. Reading the description can save you a lot of hassle. Sometimes, the captions are simply clickbait but in the description, most sellers will actually explain what you will get.

Tip # 2

DO NOT believe the PHOTOS alone.

Sometimes, the photos can be misleading. Sadly, there are times it's pure lie. Make sure that you check thoroughly before committing to buying especially when it's a bit ticket item.

Tip # 3


I never buy something that has no reviews or has less than 5 and then it's just stars and has no actual text on it. I make sure that there are different people who have left reviews. I also make sure that I leave feedback so that others will know what they are getting.

Tip # 4

CHAT with the Seller

Most sellers are actually nice and would love to show you photos of what they are sending or if you have a certain request, as long as it within reasonable measures.

Tip # 5

Compare, compare, compare.

Just like in a physical store, you can compare to see which one is giving you the best bang for buck. However, note that the cheapest is not always the best option. Make sure to read #1 - #4.

PS. You can also use image search when looking for something. Take a photo or screenshot of the item that you are looking for and on the search box, there's a camera icon. Use that and scan the image of the thing you are looking for.

Do you have online shopping tips? Please share.


  1. I learned the hard way to read the descriptions thoroughly especially the fine prints...

  2. Omgsh yes to reading reviews!! That has been a big help for me when making online purchases.

  3. Yup, I agree to all these. I always do all these tips whenever I buy something online,cheap or expensive,I take time to read. ❤❤❤

  4. Amen to ALL OF THIS. I am a huge online shopper and do all of these things.

  5. These is an awesome tips for our online shopping regime. We should consider everything you've said here and they are all logical and on point. Thanks for sharing this to us. Happy Shopping everyone!

  6. This is EXACTLY how I shop online! I am so afraid of getting something terrible in the mail that I am super careful to do my homework. As a result I have gotten exactly what I was looking for the vast majority of the time. Today I'm expecting a dress with accessories for my son's wedding!

  7. I find these tips really helpful for online shopping, thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. Those are some great tips to keep in mind and it's a great reminder as well since I do online shopping a lot.

  9. These are some great tips! I know for me I do a ton of research for I buy something and reading reviews is an absolute must!

  10. I TOTALLY agree with not believing the photos!! Sometimes whenever I look in depth at the photos they don't match the actual product of what reviewers revived. And that brings me to Reading the Reviews! Sometimes I don't even consider a product if there are no 'real reviews'

  11. These are some great tips. Before I buy something in online, I make sure I make some research or review on the items I want before adding it on the cart.

  12. I've found that the reviews are KEY!!

  13. Do agree with all points and ideas..well this is very helpful and useful blog shopping is very common nowadays so these tips and ideas are truly effective and helpful..Thanks for sharing..


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