Monday, July 27, 2020

Hummingbee Creations' Seafood Supreme Baked Sushi

Sometimes, you get lucky and you get the chance to dig into some of God's creations.

The Seafood Supreme Baked Sushi by Hummingbee Creations is one of those things

and I was lucky enough to actually get my teeth into this.

No, scratch that. I was lucky enough to devour this entire thing one Friday evening.

I know that I've written about baked sushi before and though there were misses,

there were definite hits. This one, it was a HOMERUN.

Containing 5 layer of awesomeness, this Seafood Supreme Baked Sushi put out all

the stops. It had Japanese rice, veggie furikake, mirin, tamagoyaki,cream cheese, kani,

mayo, jap mayo, pepper, cucumber, diced mango, sliced salmon, sliced mango, shrimp,

jap mayo, sesame seeds, and ebiko. Just reading it overwhelmed me.

Imagine taking a bite of this goodness? Out of this world.

It was definitely packed and the best part about it is that the combination of everything

made it absolutely perfect. This felt like the baked sushi to end all baked sushi.

It was just so amazing. In fact, this is the first pan that we actually finished in one sitting.

Normally, we'd have leftovers and we'd eat it the next day. This pan did not make it to the

next day. It went straight to our belly!

Hummingbee Creations' Seafood Supreme Baked Sushi is definitely something that

everyone needs to try. To order, contact them through Facebook. Make sure your stomach

is ready though because it's going to be filled with one pan of goodness.

They also offer Mascarpone Cheese Tarts and Cinnamon Buns, both of which were

a treat in their own right. The Mascarpone was eaten by Mark in a flash and the

cinnamon buns had to be hidden just so it can survive for two more days. I think that

says a lot about the dishes.


  1. Wow! This is indeed magical! Will try this soon!

  2. Wow, baked sushi is a really interesting idea! I'd love to try the veggie-sushi version of this myself!

  3. looks very exotic to me! Want to try this now. thanks for showing it to me

  4. Oh my gosh, seeing this baked sushi really makes my mouthwatering. I am now thinking to make my own version of it. YUM!

  5. I personally do not like sushi at all- but this looks pretty appetizing!

  6. I'm not usually into sushi but this looks so good, I would be into trying it!

  7. This looks tasty! I would love to try this soon.

  8. Look Soo delicious. Have to try it. Thanks for sharing

  9. Veggie sushi I have never tried. But sounds good... I'd love to try it!

  10. Such a creative dish! It looks yummy!

  11. I don't love sushi, but I think I could actually enjoy it in this form. I would love to at least try it.

  12. It looks very appetising. I don't recall ever trying baked sushi but the description alone is mouthwatering.

  13. I have never tried a baked sushi. Infact its the first time I have ever heart, but now I want to try this.

  14. This actually looks delicious and delectable! Really lovely!

  15. This looks really delicious and interesting! I'm glad you shared the recipe with us, looking forward to making them sometime! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  16. I REALLY wish I could find something like this near me!! I love sushi but this just sounds AMAAAAAZING.

  17. omg that looks so tasty. Thank you for sharing this recommendation.

  18. I love seafood so I would like to try this dish. It looks so delicious!

  19. Wow, this baked sushi looks so delicious �� I need to check this out, soon!

    Love ❤

  20. I have never tried sushi before but this looks pretty inviting to me :)


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