Baby Khali's Blessing

The road to getting my son blessed was not an easy one.

Crazy right? I mean, blessing a child should not have been a hard thing to do but with the Catholic church acting very unlike people of God, it was a struggle.

He who has not sinned may cast the first stone.

It seems those who worked in Mary Mother of Church in BFRV, Las Pinas are perfect and have cast judgement.

They have REQUIRED that you be wedded in CHURCH before you can claim your child's baptismal certificate. In short, it is held hostage until you get married in a Catholic Church regardless if you are wedded civilly.

They DO NOT HONOR civil weddings even if in Philippine law, you are married already.

So we decided to find an alternative and thankfully, a friend of mine recommended Reverend Edwin Colangoy, Senior Pastor at New Covenant Manila Global Harvest. I emailed him, told my story, and asked if it was possible for him to bless my son in our home.

Lo and behold, he said yes without a fuss and even said that he was freeing me from the judgement I have received in Jesus' name.

Yesterday, our baby was finally blessed.

We invited only one Ninong and one Ninang to follow health and safety protocols against COVID-19. Everyone wore a mask the entire time and practiced social distancing. Everyone was also disinfected.

It was very solemn and I loved that the only focus was on our son. Reverend Edwin was such a delight to have.

Khali was also such a trooper. He had his vaccine before his blessing.

Family photo in our living room right after the blessing. Khali fell asleep haha.

These are our angels. They make life so much easier for us and they take care of Khali when I need to sleep.

I'm just really happy that my son has been blessed already. It gives me peace of mind and it brings me joy to welcome my child to the Christian world.

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  1. Aww what a sweet little baby. Lots of love and kisses sent his way!

  2. It sounds like it was a really special day for all of you! Khali is adorable!

  3. I am glad to hear that you were able to find an alternative way to do the blessing for baby khali :)

  4. Awwww What an adorable baby! I am glad he is already blessed. May God always protect you Khali.

  5. Aww! such a cute khalis. Sending all loves and wishes on him.

  6. Khali is so beautiful, pray for God's blessing and protection upon all the days of her life.

  7. Khali is so adorable! I wish him good health and happiness, and I'm also glad he has been blessed! May God bless him with the best things in life.

  8. So happy for you that you were able to get him blessed! Unfortunately, the catholic church has had rules that are not even biblical for many hundreds of years. And they still continue to make them up instead of following the Word of God.

  9. Aww truly the Khali looks so cute and lovely..indeed this is amazing..glad you shared this with us..

  10. The day looks really speacial and your baby is so cute. Lots of love from me!

  11. What a sweet moment! Your baby is adorable and I am glad the blessing went well!

  12. I am so happy to see this kind of celebrations. New one in the family will always be a great adjustment to everyone. Glad to celebrate with you Babay Khali.

  13. Your baby looks so adorable wish him for healthy life :)


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