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Lenovo's K5 Pro: Entry Level Gaming Phone

I have a teenage son and I've learned in the past that if you want to see if a mobile phone is good enough for gaming, it is a teenager that should test it. They are the most tenacious when it comes to ratings and they are the most vocal as well.

When I got the Lenovo K5 Pro, I wondered to myself, "Would this be good enough to become an entry level gaming phone?" I had my son test it for a week and here's what he said.

Graphics wise, the Lenovo K5 Pro is able to deliver. It's easy on the eyes and the visuals of the game being played is crystal clear. However, when it comes running games like Mobile Legend and PUBG, there is a tendency for it to have delays.

When it comes to games like Plants vs Zombies, Pokemon Go, Rayman Adventures and the like, the phone has no problems. It does not need to constantly restart and everything plays smoothly without a hitch.

The phone is also more than enough for a teen to enjoy his Tiktok videos with the dual camera found at the back. It's presentable, classy, and definitely something that they can whip out and not feel left out.

Is this phone good enough for gaming? Yes and no. It's good enough for simple games such as PokemonGo and the like but not enough for Mobile Legends.

Is this phone good enough for videos and photos required for online learning in school? Definitely yes in my opinion. Kids can already do basic videos with this phone and the photos are clear, sharp, and perfect for Instagram and Facebook.

Would I recommend this phone to other Moms? Yes, I definitely would. Their kids can already use this for text, calls, to go online, take selfies, do TikTok videos, and for online classes. At less than Php10,000 this phone is definitely bang for buck.

* Gaming inputs from Brent Atienza.


  1. Lenovo is one of the great phone and laptop that i have ever seen and tried this brand too. Its cheap but its one of the best.

  2. Sounds like a cool phone to have that is versatile for many things like gaming, and online learning, and videos.

  3. Thank you for a great review. I am trying to figure out what to do with my two youngest sons. I know gaming will be a factor, but bottom line is I want a reliable phone for them.

  4. looks like a pretty nice phone. I don't play on phones much but it could be invaluable for people who do or phone software developers

  5. One of my favorite brand in the mobile world. They are cheaper phones but not in the quality. Lenovo brand can give you a satisfying phone without expending a lot and that's a great news.

  6. Oooh that looks like a pretty cool phone. I do like playing games on my phone from time to time.

  7. Nice one to try for those who are game avid. I would agree with you, this phone is good for the simple gaming.

  8. I'm not a gamer but my little brother would love this phone because he's a gamer nice review :)

  9. Glad you shared this review with us...this truly sounds so amazing and interesting one..great work though

  10. My son knows a lot more about gaming than me so I can imagine it being the same with yours :)

  11. Lenovo seems like a great brand and it will definitely be loved by gamers! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  12. I'm not a gamer but my son is and he would love this! thanks for sharing.


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