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Review of Chocnut Spread

If you grew up in the Philippines during the 80s and 90s, one of the chocolates that you would have munched on would be Chocnut. This was what we would refer to as the poor man's chocolate because taste wise, it wasn't as good as Snickers or Cadbury but it had this distinct chocolatey taste that kids loved.

Sadly, it has become really hard to get a hold of Chocnut lately. This is why when I saw a friend selling Chocnut Spread, I was beyong ecstatic. I immediately ordered, barring my supposed food budget diet because I just really wanted to have a taste of my childhood.

This photo was taken by my partner and I am just in awe of how beautiful the shot was. After we took this photo, I licked the entire spoon and I was in HEAVEN.

Omigod you guys, this is literally chocolate in a bottle and just a bunch of good vibes overflowing. It reminded me of everything good about my childhood and it was just really good feelings all over.

If you can get your hands on this choco peanut spread, please do so. I promise that you will find yourself smiling after having this.


  1. The photo is splendid and so appetizing! I absolutely love it! I want to have chocolate spread now

  2. This looks similar to Nutella, which my kids are so addicted to, lol. They use it on sandwiches, toast, fruit, and even spoons out of the jar. These are great toppings for just about anything!

  3. New to me. But I can relate, as I remember a few things from my childhood like chocolate butter. Yes, I used to have it on a piece of bread when I was about 5.

  4. Ooh this sounds like something I'd love to try. Will have to look out for it!

  5. Choc-Nut tastes good but I haven't tried the spread yet! It seems delicious! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I love chocnut chocate bar. and this one, I need this so much. Looks so yummy.

  7. This looks so much like Nutella , we do have a similar one made in Greece too. I wish I could give it a try. Must be delicious!!

  8. Thanks! I will definitely try to remember your review the next time go to purchase a spread. It looks very tasty.

  9. This exactly looks like Nutella. Thanks for sharing the product review


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