Thursday, July 9, 2020

Review of Affordable Bed Sheet from Lazada

Now that we are done with the carpet, let's talk about the bed sheet that I bought from Lazada.

Since we moved, we also ended up with a "new" old bed from my Mom. Since it didn't fit her new home, she donated her old bed to us. The thing is, this bed is massive and heavy. It's a really thick queen size which means that the regular queen size won't fit because of the thickness.

What I did was to order a king size bed sheet from Lazada. What I did was:

1. Googled the size for king and queen size beds.
2. Checked the description box if the sizes indicated were the same.
3. Double checked and made sure to follow the hints that I listed to be successful in online shopping

As you can see, it's very cheap. So I was really worried about the quality of the bed sheet esepecially since we'll be sleeping on it.

Will it be smooth?
Will it be itchy?
Will it feel rough?

To cut the story short, I ordered 4 and then I prayed.

After less than 2 weeks, it arrived.

Surprisingly, the bed sheets were actually comfortable. It's never going to feel like the bed sheets from hotels but this one was pretty good. Smooth, not starchy, and comfy to lay down on.

To be honest, there's a really small difference from the expensive ones. Unless you're super sensitive to clothing, this one is definitely worth buying.

We've tried out 3 out of 4 and so far, no complaints. Definitely bang for buck in my opinion. Next, I'm planning on getting more for B so that he can have new sheets as well.


  1. We have a double bed with 2 separate matrasses because my husband is a rooter :)

  2. Thank you so much for the recos, we might need to change our bed sheet because our cat destroyed them lol...

  3. Looks like great sheets, For sure a bang for your buck! I need some new sheets I should check these out.

  4. These sheets are really cute and they look comfortable

  5. Oh these sheets are really cute, I would love some for my guest bedroom!

  6. They are a great price, but I think I would probably get the hotel quality sheets. I have been spoiled for too long! If I found myself in a pinch financially, I would definitely buy these though.

  7. Wow! I was really surprise that with the price like that, it's a very good quality. As you've shown in the photos, they definitely a great choice and to be recommended to others. Thanks for a great share.

  8. That's awesome, I'm always looking for comfy bed sheets.

  9. These sheets looks so amazing and lovely..Thanks for sharing this review with us...

  10. Totally cool and could be a very nice summery sheets set.

  11. This review is very helpful! I'm actually looking forward to buying new bed sheets because mine are getting dirty, thanks for the article!

  12. Lovin those bedsheet, and I a actually looking fr a new one since latweek.. I think I shhould consider all of these

  13. I like the pattern on your new sheets, it's very pretty. I usually only have plain sheets, I don't think I've seen patterned one where I buy mine from.

  14. These bed sheet prints look really sweet and pretty. Unfortunately Lazard does notdeliver in India...


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