Monday, July 6, 2020

Review of Nely's Kitchen Crabs in Alavar Sauce

A friend of mine was kind enough to send a dish my way 2 weeks ago. When I saw that it was crabs, I was ecstatic but also a little apprehensive. You see, I have been burned before when I got all excited and then found out the hard way that the crab was thinner than a match stick.

This one from Nely's Kitchen proved to be the opposite. Nely's Crabs in Alavar Sauce was just sooooo good. I kid you not. I swear that this is the first time I literally had to stop myself because what I wanted to do was to get the entire rice cooker, pour the sauce in, and then just finish everything in one go.

As much as I wanted to do that, I didn't' because I still wanted to stay alive.

This was actually how it looked when it was delivered.

This dish was so good that it took only 3 of us to wipe it down. UGH.

If you have any crab cravings, I swear, you need to order from Nely. It may not be cheap but it is definitely worth every peso and worth every calorie.


  1. This place sounds amazing!!! i wish I lived closer so i could go and eat there!

  2. I'm not a seafood person but my hubby is, I bet he'd enjoy this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh that looks delicious and I can taste it now! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My whole family has always loved seafood and this looks amazing. I would have had trouble controlling myself as well. :)

  5. The dish looks great. Unfortunately I will never know how it tastes like because I am allergic to crab.

  6. I have never eaten a krab,I'm pretty sure no one eats them in my country but that krab there looks delicious.


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