Monday, December 7, 2015

How to maintain a good Christmas Diet

It’s the Christmas season and this is definitely the hardest time for any person to stay on track when it comes to eating right. After all, who can say no to roasted pork, cakes, and sumptuous meals being offered left and right at all the different Christmas parties being held? I think no regular human can right?  I definitely can’t and I’m training to be fit. Thankfully for all of us, Doc Paolo Bellosillo has some tips and tricks up his sleeve and the best part is that he is willing to share it with us all.

Doc Pao’s first recommendation is to always remember to eat smart and inject a little training here and there. He knows that it’s very hard to fit in training when you have parties and reunions to attend. After all, spending time with the ones you love takes priority over sweating at the gym. Doc Pao says you can make up for it by integrating more fiber in your diet as well as enzyme detox on days that you know you will be having a feast or a buffet.

Now you may think that Doc Pao is a superhero but he also faces challenges during the Holiday season. Whereas he would be able to go to the gym 6 days a week when he was training for a triathlon, during the Christmas madness, he would only be able to go to the gym 2-3 times a week and mostly its circuit training. He just makes sure that he sweats out a few of the toxins to ensure he maintains a healthy lifestyle still.

 Of course if you really can’t make time for the gym, Doc Pao recommends that you just add lots of green, leafy vegetables, and fiber in things that you eat on a daily basis. Probiotics are also a good combination as partner drinks to wash the toxins away and out the body. Green tea helps to reduce oxidation of cholesterol. 

 Lastly, if you can’t squeeze in 20-30 minutes of cardio workout daily, try to walk at least 3 -5 km a day. Always choose the stairs over the elevator for short trips. Instead of drinking with your friends, you can go swimming or running together and form a 5AM or 6AM crew. This would definitely be a big help in upping your metabolism and increasing energy expenditure. Note as well that investing in crunches everyday even with just 20-30-40 progressions would definitely help in strengthening your core. 

Christmas season is not the time to let go. It’s actually the best time to indulge with love ones but in moderation and then exercise or do something active with your love ones. Swimming, biking, running, and dancing till dawn are good ways to work out while having fun with your family.

At this time of the year, emergency rooms are usually filled not just because of fireworks but also because of heart attacks or brain seizures. Life is precious so why leave a legacy when you can live your legacy? Shouldn’t that be motivation enough?

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