Tuesday, December 15, 2015

this is what HAPPY looks like ...

Tonight, it was raining cats and dogs but it didn't stop us from celebrating my Mom's 52nd birthday. We had dinner at Acacia Hotel and seeing the smile on our Mom's face made all the hassle worth it.

I bought her a Yema Cake and had it decorated with flowers and butterflies. She loved it. In fact, weird enough, she cried when we surprised her with it. I mean, I was hoping she would like it but not make her cry. Still, it felt good seeing our Mom happy.

My brother had another surprise for our Mom. He had the staff of Acacia Hotel sing to our Mom and she was really surprised by it.

Our little sister got her a glass case with 3 bottles of cologne which she loved. I personally love this shot because you can see the love in our Mom's face.

It was a simple dinner but it was full of love and though I may have been feeling a little down lately, tonight, I was reminded of what mattered in life and it was the people in these photo. They are what matters and they are what makes me happy.

This is what HAPPY looks like. This is what happiness is. Happy 52nd birthday Mommy. I love you very much.

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