Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Marriott Thanksgiving Party

One of the things that endears a brand to me is when they show appreciation for all the hard work and support that this blog has given them. I'm not asking for anything over the top; a simple thank you note would suffice but since Marriott is Marriott, they gave us thank you notes in the form of ginger bread houses and invited us to dine at M Cafe where we stuffed ourselves silly. There was also a raffle for staycations at Marriott Hotel which is what a real staycation is about. I've done a staycation here twice and I still look forward every time I have one.

I love how Marriott is all about quiet splendor. It is elegant and classy. It is all about great service and customer service that makes you feel like family, not just a customer.

Marriott is not just a partner brand. They have become a family and I seriously look forward to supporting them in everything they do for 2016. Cheers.

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