pride gets in the way

I know you love me. I know this is a fact. You have proven it to me time and again. However, when we have misunderstandings and you ignore me, I don't feel it, at all. I reach out and instead of you holding out your hand, you ignore me and you make me feel like a piece of trash; one you can simply discard just like that.

I hate it.

I don't know what happened to you in the past that made you like this but I was hoping that since you wanted this to work as much as I did, you wouldn't be as stone cold as you are being now. I have been through hell and back, gotten betrayed, used, abused, misused, and what now but I am nowhere near as hard as you are.

I wish you could see how much you are hurting me when you ignore me. Maybe it will make you think twice next time you prioritize your pride over us.

I wish I was more important than your pride. It looks like its just going to remain a wish though.