Wednesday, August 5, 2015

the Man behind the Coat - Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo

It is rare to meet someone who genuinely thinks of others before himself. More so someone who dedicates his life in finding ways to improve others well being, health and safety. Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo is one unique person whose passion is to understand, share and empower his patients about their health condition. Being one, if not the only, Diplomate Doctor in Whole Medical Systems and Integrative Medicine in the country, he takes to heart his responsibility to be one of God’s healing agents by introducing different modalities of natural treatments to patients. 

One noticeable trait of his is his high energy level, he brings this same spirit with him whenever he meets people more so that his patients absorb the positive energies enabling them to see things in a much clearer perspective. Being someone who thinks of how to help others it comes natural for him to extend his help in any type of calamity and his ability to quickly respond to disaster. It may seem difficult and time consuming but he takes great happiness and satisfaction in going out of his way to give aid to people in need. 

Many articles have been written about Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo but most of it has been about his work as a doctor and his studies to further improve in the medical field. Out of curiosity let’s take a closer look into his life as he also is just as human as we all are…When you take away his being a doctor, who is Juan Paolo Bellosillo?

Juan Paolo Bellosillo is a lover of music. He listens to orchestra music for relaxation and some of his favorites are Waiting for a Star to Fall and Never Knew Love like this Before. He also knows how to dance so should you see him near a dance floor, feel free to take him for a spin. 

Paolo is also into cooking. Yes, this life saving hero can also make a mean pasta and he likes to top it off with sausage on his cheat days. On a regular day though, he’s more of a tofu and fruit kind of day. He believes that one of the best ways you can preserve your life and health is by making the right choices in what you put in your body. 

To keep fit, he plays badminton with friends and coworkers. He also participates in triathlons to ensure that he will never go back to being unhealthy. He also watches movies whenever he can and he’s more of the romantic comedy and disaster kind of movies. He won’t say no to a movie about superheroes though so it shows that even someone who works in a very serious industry can still be a kid at heart. 

However, as they say, you can take the doctor out of the hospital or clinic but you can never truly take away the doctor. He is, first and foremost, someone who saves lives and it shows in the gadgets that he loves to tinker with. He has a modest collection of gadgets like LED lasers which he says is better than a whistle because it can instantly attract the attention of rescuers, communication gears, water and food supply system as well as support systems and vital signs equipment. 

Learning this much about Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo may make us love him more as he is just like us who with a simple heart wants to share and experience world to others the way he does. He is a music lover, movie aficionado, cook, sportsman/athlete and help saves lives.

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