Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beauty Soiree with Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez has always been an enigma. She is beautiful, smart, statuesque, and an aspiration to most women. After all, even with the many trials she has encountered, Ruffa remains to be one of society's most gorgeous women. People would often ask then, what's her secret? 

For Nine Years, Cosmo Skin has been the secret to many women hold to a beautiful, younger looking- immaculate complexion. Cosmo Skin’s highly effective formula and Advanced Skin Whitening Technology has cemented Cosmo Skin’s status as an ultimate “Must-Haves” beauty product for everyone.

Recently, Watsons Personal Care Stores gave awards to the two innovations from Cosmo Skin line- Cosmo Skin Glutathione and Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen- as the Best Whitening and Anti-Aging product. And to celebrate the enduring success, Cosmo Skin hosted a Beauty Soiree in a fancy hotel; people from the different media, Industry Leaders, Influencers and Beauty Ambassador- Ruffa Gutierrez were present at the glamorous event.

“Choosing a beauty product with the right ingredients and quality materials is all-important to achieving the results that you desire most” said Nino Bautista, BFPC Founder and Managing Director. “We pride ourselves to observing a strict quality control when it comes to manufacturing” added Red Gatus, also Founder and Managing Director.

During the event, Ruffa reveals that she is obsessed to having a luminous skin and that she is more confident to face anyone if she has a radiant-immaculate complexion.

“Both Cosmo Skin Glutathione and Cosmo Skin Premium Collagen contain key components that will give your skin the glow and moisture it needs, it allows your inner radiance to shine through” said Ruffa.

The Innovative ingredients in Cosmo Skin Glutathione (500mg Glutathione plus ALA and Vitamin C) gives intensive glow and Ten Times Whitening Power than the competing brand. While the concentrated 20,000 mg Marine Collagen in Cosmo Skin Premium is in hydrolyzed form, which makes it easily absorbable by the body. The result is a lighter, soft, smooth, wrinkle-free and touchable skin.

For more information about Cosmo Skin visit Also thanks to Raffles Hotel for the awesome service and sumptuous buffet. I gorged on everything because it was just so good. 

You may also catch Ruffa and her fun family on E! every Monday, 9pm for the 3rd season of It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.

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