one and only

You always ask me if I like the guy who happens to like me or has shown interest. The incessant "type mo?" is something that you have constantly asked of me so many times that I have come to realized that this is actually a very serious question for you.

So let me answer it once and for all ...

When I am in love, I have no other type. You are my only type. At most, I may say "oh he looks cute!" but then after, I'd completely forget about the guy. When I am in love, the only guy that is constantly in my head and sight would be the guy I love and in this case, it is YOU.

So please, do not worry. Yes, others may admire me. Yes, others may try and make a move but I will also make a move against them. I will move to stop them from trying and I will ensure that they know it is only you that I want.

I hope the next time I tell you about some idiot, you wouldn't ask this anymore. Instead, just say, "Well, you're mine and they can't do anything about it." I would like that very much.