Wildfllour Cronuts

Finally, I was able to try it. It so happened that I was at Podium for an event and lo and behold, there were two pieces of cronut left at Wildflour.

I bought the strawberry and vanilla. B ate the strawberry one which I gathered to be really good since he finished it in less than 10 minutes and forgot to offer me a taste. LOL.

I had the vanilla one and I can definitely say that "my oh my! this is really good!" It was cruchy yet soft at the same time. The creaminess was overwhelming but in a really good way. It was sweet but not overly so. It was just so good. Like, ssssooooooooo good!

So there. I finally understand what the fuss is about but I wouldn't fall in line for 4 hours for this. I would buy it when I have the chance but I wouldn't fall in line that long for it. :)