Kats Cafe

I've seen this cafe before since its just around the neighborhood but I was discouraged from trying it out because my brother brought home 6 of their cupcakes and it wasn't impressive. However, I was given the chance to try the place and since it was at no cost, I said, "why the hell not?"

I love the interior of the place. I love the kitchy decor and the fact that there were so many items you can actually post on IG. Its very cute and there are a lot of conversation starters.

I ordered the Molten Souffle Cupcake, the Death by Chocolate Cupcake, and the Mango Brulee Cupcake. I also had the Nutty Macadamia.

I liked the frosting of the cupcakes but the base left a lot to be desired. It was plain and dry. It was kind of a letdown since it was soft and I thought it would be fluffy but it wasn't. The Nutty Macadamia was pretty good though.

Overall, I would still choose Mystic Brew over Kats Cafe. The only thing worth going back to is the decor itself.