Friday, May 23, 2014

Mega Food Tour at Mega Fashion Hall

Have you ever gone on a food tour and felt that it was the best thing that you did but only because of the company you were with? Have you ever gone on a food trip and ended the day vomiting on the side because you were just too full? Have you ever gone on a food trip and felt that it was the best decision that you made simply because all of the food you have were simply awesome?

I just recently went on the #MegaFoodTour hosted by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and SM Mega Fashion Hall and I left the place feeling awesome because the company was great, I almost vomited from feeling so full, and I realized it was the ULTIMATE food trip ever because almost all the food were just ROCKSTARS! 

15 restaurants in 4 hours. Yes. 15 restaurants in 4 hours. Can you beat that? We survived! 

First stop was at Tim Ho Wan and what made this so special was the fact that it was their opening day and we were invited to have first dibs on their food. Eeeekkkkk! How cool is that? 

We were served the glutinous rice with pork stuffing aka machang. I normally prefer the Chinese version of the machang but this Cantonese version of the machang was good. I actually finished 2/3 of the entire thing and this was just the first stop. 

The second thing we were given were the hakao and the Dumpling Teochew Style. I loved that I did not need to put soy sauce in the hakao to make it taste better. As for the teochew, its definitely something that veggie lovers would want to try. 

Finally, the star of the night came and it’s the pork buns of Tim Ho Wan. Soft, crunchy, and fluffy ... the pork buns actually melt in your mouth and when it does, you get a taste of the sweet sauce of the pork inside. Heaven in a bun indeed and at a price range of Php145 for 3 pieces, this is one piece of heaven you would want to take home to the family. Unfortunately, since it is baked fresh daily, they have a limited number of buns that they serve so I suggest you head over soon as the mall opens. 

Next on the list were KyoChon which is actually the original store that came up with the double fried chicken. Crunchy, sweet, and tasty, I love that the flavor can be felt even in the chicken meat. Chez Karine follows and if I could eat 20 of their bottled desserts and not go into sugar shock, I would. Seriously.  I would. Chez Karine is simply to die for. If you are on a diet though or are figure conscious, RUN. It will haunt you and make you break your promise to yourself to not have sweets. 

Final stop on the first level of our Mega Food Tour are The French Baker Salon de The and Custaroonery. I love that French Baker was able to take on a more elegant look and turn things around without trying too hard. The color combination of the decor along with the furniture spelled class and if that is the look French Baker is going for, they nailed it to a T. 

 Custaroonery on the other hand is a quaint kiosk in the middle of the 2nd floor but do not let appearances deceive you. They may look small but their custard makes a mean punch and this is one punch you would want to keep going back to again and again and again. 

On the 3rd floor, Osaka Ohsho was our first stop where they claim that they have the “World’s Number  1 Gyoza.”   Thankfully, they actually do have really good tasting gyoza.  I finished 2 and that’s a lot considering this was restaurant # 6. 

Restaurant # 7 is Boqueria. Now Boqueria is a Spanish restaurant that serves one of the best tasting paella that I have ever tasted. They also served us with sangria that would make you giggle in less than 10 minutes. The churros and its chocolate dip are a must!

Abe served us with their famous lamb adobo. Abe is part of the LJC group of companies that is known for its Filipino cuisine. Their lamb adobo was really tender and juicy; even the smell of the adobo was really enticing. This is best served with rice and for rice lovers, you’d definitely devour 5 cups of rice at the very least. 

We also passed by 8Cuts Burger and then we trooped off to Lugang Cafe. Lugang served us with their famous Xiao Long Bao and one bite was all it took to remind me why they are famous for it. It’s simply amazing how they managed to put so many flavors in such a small thing. 

Cinnabon was also a star simply because of their Cinnamon Buns. It is sticky, delicious, and sinfully good. Then again, it’s Cinnabon and it is a classic. 

Last on our food trip was the 4th and 5th level of Mega Fashion Hall. Vikings was a pleasant surprise because they actually served the best of their food in a plate. They had lumpia fish caviar om blinis, scandinavian gravlax, spicy ika sushi, venison terrine with blueberry compote (yes I ate Bambi and it was poor Bambi but yummy Bambi,) steamed red lapu lapu fillet, mini tornado, and spinash mushroom en croute consomme.It looked so pretty and it was so filling. Paired with red wine and it was perfect. 

I also loved that Pinkberry made an effort to ensure that we get to taste their frozen yoghurt. I’d definitely recommend it to lovers of frozen yoghurt. And finally, Lucca was the last on our list but I’m very happy to say that they were definitely not the least. I love their pecan sticky buns and a walnut sticky bun. It was so big and the drizzles were definitely abounding. 

15 restaurants in 4 hours. Wow. I survived. Happy tummy! Happy me!

Mega Food Tour is scheduled for two dates: May 30 and June 6.  What makes this different from the other tours hosted by the #MercatoCentraleGroup, the #MegaFoodTour is a FREE food tour for the qualifying winners of the best picture of dishes from any SM Megamall Restaurant on Instagram that will run from May 23 to June 6.  Each food tour is estimated to have around 20 foodie participants.

Take a photo of yourself with food from one of the restaurants in SM Mega FAshion Hall and upload it on IG. Tag @smmegamall and #MegaFoodTour. 20 random IG users will be chosen to join each tour.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!  

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


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