Thursday, May 1, 2014

121/365 photoblog: Maki

When I first heard that California Maki was being served, my first thought was, "really? It's so ordinary." However, one bite of this from Kessaku was definitely more than enough to change my mind. Truth be told, I ate 6 out of 8. Haha. It was THAT good.

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  1. I love makimono, but for some reason, I don't enjoy California Maki that much compared to like spicy tuna rolls, or something with salmon skin or tempura. But if I'm craving for sushi and don't have access to the fancy ones, California Maki is a go-to satisfier for my sushi fix. Haha!

    Btw, nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Hope you can do the tag if you find the time. ^^ See you soon, achie!


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