Carmona Estates

When I was young, my ideal dream house was the one that I would always see in Camella. I thought that the 2 storey yellow house was absolute perfection. I imagined my husband and 2 kids there with me and we’d live happily ever after.

Of course as with all dreams, this one died along with the failure of my relationship with B’s dad. I knew then that my vision of the Yellow Camella house was gone for good. Thankfully, Carmona Estate seems determined to change my mind and I once again have hopes of actually owning a little 2 storey house that won’t leave me in debt till my last breath. 

Situated in Carmona, Cavite, Carmona Estates boasts of the tagline “We’re Home!” and yes, I can definitely agree that indeed we are home. Carmona Estates is flood free, has an easy access to traffic and covers all the needs of a single Mom like myself. 24 hour security will give me complete peace of mind and a clubhouse as well as swimming pool will surely keep B busy when we finally get a place of our own in this area. What’s great about it too is that its still in the South and I have long fallen in love with the South. 

I simply have fallen in love with the South. Thank you Carmona Estates for giving me hope that my 2 storey little house may just come true once more, this time, with just B and I and that’s more than good enough for me.