Sunday, May 4, 2014

Secrets revealed at Lucky Chinatown Tour

Honestly, my expectations weren't that high when I started with the tour. After all, I am Chinese and I have grown up in Chinatown. What secrets could they possibly show or tell me that I do not know yet? And so, the tour started.

We first went to Botanical Herbal Hall where they feature 4 kinds of herbal drink, each meant to fix a certain ailment and help with improving your overall health. They are meant to be taken by kids (5 years and up) and adults to help supplement and ensure that your body is always detoxified.

Plum Tea

Snow Pear Tea

MayBloom Tea

Five Flowers Tea

After this refreshing herbal tea tasting, we were then sent to the Miao De Temple where we were taught the proper way to hold an incense, how to pray using the incense, and how to bow properly when greeting someone. We were also taught more about the Buddhist religious practices and I found out that even I am capable of becoming like Buddha. Think Good, Do Good, Feel Good, Act Good.

The next 3 places we visited whet our appetite which was perfect because it was almost lunch time. We got to speak with Mr. Fast Foo who boasted about their lumpia and maki mi. They said they are called Mr. Fast Foo because as opposed to other places which takes 8 - 10 minutes to serve their food, they only take 3-5 minutes. Fast indeed.

Veggie Lumpia Php70 per order

The other place we had the luck of trying was Fu Dao Dumpling and I must say, I was impressed with this one. They use a huge pot and cooks the noodles in sate sauce then adds seafood, fish tofu, Taiwan Pechay, and then Sate Seafood Noodles. It was very hot when served and it tasted HOT if you know what I mean.

The last amongst the 3 before lunch was the Cha Cha Food House and they showed us how they make their Ku Chai Dumplings which I loved. They also showed us their Pumpkin Cake and for veggie lovers, this is a must.

We had lunch after and a group shot which is apparently part of the package of our next stop which was the Reflexions Studio.

In Reflexions Studio, they explained to us the difference of a Chinese wedding and engagement from that of a Filipino or from other cultures. It was very enlightening to hear how almost everything had a meaning and that they still uphold the practice even during the modern times.

The other stop that tickled my fancy was the Phoenix Dragon where you can get a forecast about your health, career, business, or love base on the date of your birth date. Samson Chua who is the owner can also bless your charms to ensure that it is cleansed.

The 3rd to the final stop was at Rainbow Snow where you get to experience shaved ice cream. The process was really a sight to see because the block of ice cream gets shaved in an instant and then served with drizzled syrup.

2nd to the final stop was the Wellness Center where I was able to avail of the Tui Na which is a Chinese massage and the Acupuncture on the ear to help you increase your metabolism and lessen your appetite.

I love love love the Tui Na because I felt so relaxed after. It was simply heaven. However, the acupuncture may have been a bit much for me or I just have really low pain tolerance. It kind of hurt a bit.

Last stop was at Tao Yuan Restaurant where we were able to try the following dishes.

Thank you RJ for a wonderful tour. I may be Chinese but there were still things that I learned and surprised me about Lucky Chinatown. This is a must for people. For those interested, please join them.

Hosted by Our Awesome Planet’s Anton Diaz and Mercato Group’s RJ Ledesma, the food and culture tour costs only P888 and will run for 4 hours, from 11:00AM to 3:00PM on May 10, 24 and 31 and on June 7, 2014. Guests can buy tickets at the Lucky Chinatown Concierge or the Eastwood Mall Concierge. 

For recreation lovers and foodies, this tour is a can’t miss experience! For more information on Awesome Food and Culture Secrets of Lucky Chinatown, please call the Lucky Chinatown Concierge at 576-8139 or visit


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