Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Starbucks Premium Reserve Coffee

With over 100+ stores in the US and with branches in Indonesia, Singapore, and Korea, it was inevitable that the Starbucks Reserve store would make its way over to the Philippines. Opening their first branch in Tomas Morato and a second one in Forbes Town, Starbucks Reserve offers something new and refreshing to its loyal patrons over the years.

Today, they introduced 4 new kinds of coffee beans which are considered to be exotic, rare, and exquisite. They have the Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, the Finca Nuevo Mexico, the Peaberry Zambia Terranova Estate, and the Sumatra Blue Batak.

Aside from the fact that these coffee beans are not that easy to find, it is the brewing process that makes it different from the other coffee being offered by Starbucks. They use the pour over brewing methrod which actually helps out in bringing the fine characteristics and nuances of the coffee. The rule here is to use 10 grams of coffee for every 6 ounces of water. This is the perfect measurement as recommended by the coffee masters.

Impressions and thoughts on the 4 coffee beans.

1. Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This rare bean is sun dried which allows the flavor of the cherry to be absorbed by the bean. When you take a whiff of this when its brewing, you can literally smell the cherry in the air. Grown at 6000feet above sea level, the effect on the coffee bean is that its growth is slowed down which gives it a more exquisite taste.

This is best served over ice for me. For me, this is the most feminine amongst the coffee beans. Its taste gives off the sense of being sultry and sensual. It leaves you wanting more but it doesn't push you to get more. Instead, it lingers in your throat and makes you remember it hours after you've had your first sip and it nags at you. It flirts with your senses and makes you want to return the next day to have more.

This one is best paired with the Chocolate Muffin.

2. Sumatra Blue Batak

This is the only coffee bean from the Asia Pacific in this series and also the only one that is not recommended to be had over iced. Sourced in Lake Toba, it is extracted from the walls of the crater of the lake where it is farmed which is what gives it its earthy and herbal tone.

Batak comes from the name of the small tribe that processes this and the spicy, toasty scent comes from the intercropping with chili that the tribe does with the coffee beans. When you smell these coffee beans, it will remind you of dry earth.

The flavor and taste is smooth but bold at the same time. Since it comes off as a bit more manly than the others, it is best paired with the Granola and Cheese Muffin since it will complement the taste.

3. Peaberry Zambia Terranova Estate

This African Coffee gives off a strong but mild scent when you take a whiff. Amongst all the coffee, this was the one I was least impressed with, perhaps because it is more citrusy and though there were hints of apple, it was mostly vanilla that I could really sense in the coffee bean. To make it better, pair this with the cinnamon apple scone.

4. Finca Nuevo Mexico

This actually means New Mexico Estate. What makes it unique is that these coffee trees are grown in just one hectare of land and since coffee trees produces only once a year, these beans are very hard to come by.

Owned by the Baumann family, this Mexico beans are actually pretty amazing. One sip and you can immediately smell the melted brown sugar and the candied citrus notes on the coffee bean. I also like that the scent was strong but sweet.

For this one, the best pair would be the Carrot Muffin.

Thank you Starbucks for a wonderful coffee treat. I learned a lot and I finally got to have a feel and taste of what Starbucks Reserve has to offer.

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