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Dove for Moms

I was invited to take part in an event prepared by Dove for Moms to show their appreciation for the woman who has to do it all. Held at the Atrium of Podium Mall, there were 3 stations ready to pamper the Moms and remind that they are #BeautifulMoms and that no matter how the day goes, they can say, #IAmBeautiful.

First thing to do is take a #selfie because it shows you are confident about yourself. Great thing about it is that once you upload it to IG with the right hashtags, they print the photo and give you a copy. Isn't that awesome? 

photo courtesy of Dove
After, you can go through the different sections which is the underarm waxing section where they teach you the proper way to care for your underarms so that you can always reach high. I didn't go for this anymore because I have always been able to reach high for I have really white and smooth underarms.

I went for the hand massage which was pretty okay but a bit short. If they could have extended it to 30 minutes, it would have been more awesome.

After this, I went for the hair station where they made me feel super pretty.

photo courtesy of Dove

photo courtesy of Dove
I really felt the most beautiful at the Hair Station and perhaps, its because as they say, the hair is your crowning glory.

photo courtesy of Dove

photo courtesy of Dove

Thank you Dove for reminding me that #IAmBeautiful. For the Moms out there, feel free to drop by today and tomorrow as this event is ongoing on May 10 till May 11, Mothers Day. You just need to purchase a travel kit worth Php200 to take part in this. :)


  1. you were really pampered! You're beautiful!

  2. You really have a face of charming features.. :) and Dove pampered you well ha.

  3. What a nice gesture for koms from Dove :) i hope a lot went


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