Thursday, January 19, 2012


Every time I have work, I have to pass by you. I refuse to see you. You are no good for me. You destroy my plans and add layers to me. I try to stay away and sometimes I am successful. However, your call is stronger and I find myself giving in.

I let you in ... once, twice, at times even three times a day. I just have to have you. I can't seem to say no. With others, I have a strong willpower but when it comes to you, I just fail.

You are too addicting.

Sigh. I can never let you go Tea Farm. Why oh why?

- lamentations of my wallet and body :)


  1. Milk tea is just so addicting! I share your sentiments,sis.

    Join me on Saturday, Free Pilates Class:

  2. Still not bitten by the milk tea bug. hahaha. :D

  3. I love milk teas too, and I've gone through a phase where I buy milk tea whenever I see it.. >.< Fortunately though, I've managed to lay low on my milk tea consumption these past few weeks.. XD

  4. Wow... sissy I will join with your lamentation...

    Wala kasi niyan dito... hoping to have like that here... sige anyway I will taste it soon!

  5. I will see you Tea Tug when I get back to Philippines .I wanna know how unressistible you are,yey.

  6. Tea Farm naman! Grabe dami na talagang milk tea places ngayon. I recently tried a place called Tea Tap in San Juan. Pretty awesome food!!!


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