Friday, January 20, 2012

Alamat 2012

I was lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the bloggers to watch Alamat, a stage play that was being done by students of University of Makati. I had some expectations about it because I saw that they have been restaging the play quite a few times but what I watched was beyond what I expected.

the only cover I could find of the show
My sister and I were 3-5 minutes late but luckily, our considerate and very charming contact reserved seats for us. Upon entering the Grand Theatre of University of Makati I was stunned with the set design of the stage. It was filled with colors and for a minute, I felt like I was in an episode of Twilight Zone where one minute you're in your reality and the next, you're in another realm.

The play looked promising right there and then.

The first few minutes was audio overload because the music and the mic of the actors were tyring to upstage each other. Luckily, this only lasted for one scene. On the next one, the sound director must have figured out he did something wrong and fixed it. From that point on, it was smooth sailing.

The actors were in character most of the time; they easily caught themselves when they missed or fumbled a line, and the execution of their scenes were truly believable. As with any play, some characters stood out more than others but what truly stood out for me with this play was the costumes.

I love how detailed they were with the costumes they had. The headpieces, the hand and leg adornment, the shawls ... were all simply amazing. It complemented the movements, the choreography, even the background set. The "curtains" they had on set shimmered at the right time and the effect of the falling leaves during the parting scene of the lovers tugged at the heart.

They had a very small stage and yet, they managed to maximize it. They had college students for actors and yet  they managed to make theater actors out of them. They didn't have a full house yet they way they performed was worthy of a standing ovation.

This is ART in its purest form; a bunch of people doing what they love and executing their craft simply because it is their passion. This is ART. This is ALAMAT.

with fellow bloggers
H of
 John of 

with my sister
the lovers
I look forward to watching more plays from the company that staged this, AGHAM Theater Company. For now, KUDOS on a job well done. I was blown away and I will definitely recommend this should there be another restaging.

To know more about AGHAM Theater Company, you can visit the following links:


  1. I haven't watched an actual stage play yet at my age.The stage actors are actually the best. acting live in front of stage is realy a talent .

  2. Still haven't gone to any blogger event,hahaha. :D

  3. I love watching stage plays! Ibang-iba ang impact kasi. :) Especially ones that are well-executed. Kaya saludo ako sa theater actors, it takes real talent to hold the audience's attention in live performances eh. :)

  4. Kainggit! Hope I was invited too XD

    Wew! They could have tested the sound system before letting the people in.

    Kakaiba yung lovers ah. Mukhang maganda ito :D

  5. I've only watched a few plays in my life.. haha.. This seems interesting. Hope I get to watch more this year.. :)

    1. Sama ka sa akin. I have 6 plays na nakaline up na.

  6. It;s been awhile since the last time I watched a stage play. I'm gonna have to put that on my 2012 to-do-list. Dropping by from Pinoy Bloggers.I think I already met you sa Pizza Hut event for Shamcey last year :)

  7. I was invited to watch this play but no one could accompany me 'coz it was a weekday.

  8. I so love stage plays! Specially musicals, in college I'm always in attendance whenever there's a play. I'm a frustrated singer and actress.. Hehe ;-)


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