Monday, January 30, 2012

Gratitude # 2

I rarely blog about my work but today, one of the customers I spoke to reminded me why I am great at what I do. She said to me that I truly cared for her plight and she said that I am suited for what I do. All throughout the day, I kept hearing compliments from my callers and it just felt so good.

For this, I am grateful.  I wished for an awesome day and I did get it. Thank you Lord.


  1. It's really nice when we're complimented for what we do. It makes work less stressful and more rewarding.. :) Glad you had a nice work day today achie kay! haha.. rhyming pa talaga.. XD Anyway, hope you can join my birthday giveaway here:

  2. I feel good when people gives compliment. It inspire us to do more and be better person everyday. A compliment is verbal sunshine.


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