Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Star City: last hurrah before 4th quarter starts ...

I was all set to fix my picture folder yesterday. This was the only itinerary that I had in mind. I even had it written down on my planner. My Mom had a different opinion and of course, she was the one who got her way.

I saw myself sitting on the couch, she saw us at Star City. Guess where we ended?

K and B had a lot of fun with the rides. K was a daredevil and rode the rollercoaster by herself. Mind you, she is only 11 years old and this was the Star Flyer, which has a twisting turn and gets to a point where they are upside down, feet dangling upward in the air. Yikes! She said it wasn't scary at all. I think she was possessed. Haha.

B rode the bumper car 4x and finally got the hang of it on the 3rd try. The first two saw him just spinning around in crazy circles.

My Mom and I enjoyed the show presented by Ballet Manila and ended the night with really tired feet since we had to wait in line for the rides for an hour or so at times.

Overall, it was a great night and I loved that I got to watch a short stage play with lots of music and dancing. Mom's really do know best no?


  1. It's been 8 years since I last went to Star City! >.< I dunno if there are new rides, but I got hooked on the roller coaster with the loops too back then. I think I rode it 3x with my grade 6 friends.. :)) It was scary the first try, but when you get the hang of it, it's really fun.

    Actually, I'm more scared to ride the bumper cars.. XD I hate the feeling of being continuously bumped. Naaalog utak ko.. haha.. :))

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed your Star City trip.. ^^ Super love the last photo!

  2. Tried the Star Flyer once and I don't think I will try it again.haha. ;D

  3. I've never been there. Hope this year I'll make it to visit star city. Magkano entrance?

  4. Sarap naman ng mga nasa city, we can only go there if my son had a tour, but I plan to buy a vehicle next next year ehhehe

  5. wow! this post brings back semi-memories of my childhood back there in pinas. i believe i've been there only once - when it opened in the early 90's....geez, i feel old all of a sudden :)

  6. awwww, i envy you. my son and i haven't been to the star city yet :( and my entire january is filled with work sked :(

  7. Tgl na since our last visit sa star city. Heard madami ng new rides.. Bumpcars and ferris wheel lg ako dati e haha! :)

  8. Buti pa little girl mo brave! I barely ride any rides at theme parks! Lugi na lugi. Haha. :)


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