Sunday, January 8, 2012

munimuni # 73

This week, a lot of people kept asking me if I was going out on dates, who I was dating, or if I have someone new. To all, I said that I was no longer dating and that I actually had no more boylets (term used to cluster a group of guys that I dated.)

I told them that I have stopped wasting time on men who don't really have serious intentions or good intentions. I would rather stick to losing weight and becoming hotter, I mean, healthier than to waste time coming up with topics for small talk with some guy. Now, if that guy were Mo Twister then yes, I would certainly make the effort.

Unfortunately, most of my friends doesn't seem to believe me. They seem to think that it is impossible that I do not have any boylets, dates, or men courting me but honestly, I really have none.

Shocking fact: I actually like it.

It is such a novelty to leave my phone for hours on end unattended, come back to it, and see that there is no message. It's an amazing feeling. Some people may hate me for my post, or think that I am such a "feelingera" but seriously, its a new thing and I quite like it.

For this weeks munimuni, I marvel simply at the novelty of not dating, having no suitors, and being free to look as good as I want to and to look as plain as I want to. See photos below. :)

without any make up on
fully made up
Ikaw? Anong bago sayo?


  1. You look equally as gorgeous without makeup on! :) It's better for the skin too. Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying not dating. It's nice to have some free time with and for yourself.

    As for me, wala namang bago. Just becoming busier and busier each day.. *sigh*

  2. Having a boyfie or a partner doesn't define beauty. Sometimes, we look better and prettier when we're single because we have time to take care of ourselves instead of wasting it with the person who doesn't even appreciate us. Mabuhay ang mga single. =) Yey!

  3. You look good either way! I'm glad I don't have to deal with putting on makeup.


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