Thursday, January 12, 2012

and so I fell ...

It doesn't look as harsh on photo but it was truly painful. Still, I endured the pain because I thought it was worth it. It's been months, no scrath that, years since I tried using it and I felt that along with the weight loss I was truly aiming for, it was time that I get back to what I was like before.

This fall made me want to just get up faster and move on. It wasn't just the actual fall but the fall that I took in my life and have not moved on from. Falling flat on my face last night was a rude awakening but I now realized that this was a fall that I needed.

I needed to fall and have a taste of what it was like to be on the ground to realize that I do not belong there. It all happened because of this ... ....

Sometimes, a girl just needs to wear the right shoe to realize her true worth.


  1. taht is one reason why I don't wear high heels .dapain ako at tapilukin .i fell once at nasimento ang paa ko for months .that was the time me and hubby were traveling to Phils then to US .so nagtravel ako ng nakasaklay sa Pinas at bago kami punta US ay tinanggal ko na at mahihirapan lang ako.

  2. Expensive shoes doesn't gives sore foot. I learnt that from my friend. I said take flat shoes everytime you're out. It gives relief after standing and walking all night.

  3. it's not the number of times we fall, really, but the times we get back on our feet.

  4. I very much agree with Rah.. :) Anyway, it's been a while since I last wore stilettos. I like wearing them for more formal occasions, but I'm more at ease with wedges though.. :)

  5. why do i get the feeling that what you just said is true? lols.

    "Sometimes, a girl just needs to wear the right shoe to realize her true worth."

  6. Sorry to hear about your fall.

    There's something about high heels that make a woman feel great.


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