Thursday, January 19, 2012

and the winners ARE ....

Do you remember the 6th anniversary blog contest I held last January 1 to celebrate 6 years of AWESOME (feeling ko lang) blogging? Well, its over now and I just drew the winnerS.

Yes, I said winners because I am so happy that instead of just one person winning, I am also including 4 consolation prizes (SURPRISE!) to 4 lucky AWESOME people. I say awesome because I was so overwhelmed that there were 64 people who took pity in my little contest and joined.

* I was very worried that my prizes were pathetic and no one would join but I was wrong. You guys rock!

And so, without further ado, here are the winners. I am starting off with the consolation prizes first. Now, you're probably wondering, "so what's the consolation prize?"

So here are the prizes and of course, you have every right to throw milk teas at me if you do not like it but I really hope you do. As we know, I try to stay positive amidst all of life's trials and I would like to share these positivity with you so I am giving away 4 framed positive quotes. Here they are below.

They are about about 5R in sizes but they shall be framed and ready to be put on display on your desk, wall, or room. It is just my way of reminding you that life is indeed kulayful and through the ups and downs of life, we need to remain positive and believe that good things are coming for us.

  1. Vivian Aguilar 
  2. Aida Villanueva
  3. Crystal Marie Canete
  4. Divine Caraedcle
Congratulations everyone! I hope you will like it and come to appreciate it. I will be sending an email to all of you later so that we can talk as to how you will claim your prizes. My dream is for all of us to meet and have milk tea. My treat. It would make for such a good blog entry and I always love meeting bloggers.

And now, for the winner of the MAJOR LOOT BAG ....

Joseph Paulo de Leon

Congratulations Sir! I shall email you as well so that we can discuss how you will claim your prize (1 demi set of Singapore mugs from Starbucks, 3 notebooks, 1 cube pad, 3 boxes of VIA coffee, and GC's from Starbucks and a date with me. Haha.) I am also hoping to have a meet up to hand it over. Milk tea, my treat as well.

With this, I close my first ever blog contest. Don't worry though. For those who joined, keep tabs and keep following me because I will be holding more contests. Promise! :)

I am actually cooking up February's contest already. So don't unfollow me or unlike my page. I have really good memory. Haha.

Again, thank you to everyone who joined from the bottom of my kulayful heart. :) MWAH!

PS. I had a mini contest in my facebook page, Life is Kulayful last Sunday and 3 people joined. Haha. They all win a pack of colorful postcards. To claim, please email me at kayinanutshell at gmail dot com.
  1. Theresa Montino
  2. Momee Gee
  3. Jay Rada Rafol 
Thank you again to everyone! :) Visit my page from time to time since I hold mini contests at random. :)


  1. hindi yata ako nakasali dito .Congrats sa mga winners!

  2. wow. that is me. i see my name!

    salamat po sa papremyo! magandang panimula ito sa 2012!

  3. yey! congrats to the winners and to you too sis ^^

  4. Yehey! sige Kay, more contests para more chances of winnings..hahahaha..ang contest na ang inabangan..

    thanks, thanks....

    Guys, please watch out for my own contest too. I am brewing a concept for my own contest and it'll be announced soon. Kaya, please follow me na rin. LoL..para makasali kayo..hahahaha.. pero pwede din sumali kahit di pa ako napa-follow.

    Exciting prizes from the Mid East.

  5. Congratulations to the winners! did i miss this or i just forgot that i joined?

  6. congrats sa mga winner T_T, next time again

  7. wow.. nice! thanks that I'm included.. :)


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