Monday, January 2, 2012


I like PLDT. It's always been my first choice when looking for internet connection. However, I am extremely disappointed with their call center and their customer service people. Seriously, this is the second EPIC FAIL moment of Customer Service.

Here is what happened.

October bill came and our helper went to pay it. She brought Php1300 because that is the normal fee. SM cashier said the bill was Php0.01 only. We were delighted. We thought it was the "gift" that they were calling about.

November and December bill came in a red envelope. Much to my dismay, it suddenly said that we were behind in making a payment. Apparently, PLDT myDSL made a mistake and double credited the payment and this is why we had a bill for only Php0.01.

Today, I spoke to Customer Service rep Liza. She admitted the mistake was theirs but said they couldn't do anything for me. I escalated the call to TL Jordan. He too said the same thing. It was PLDT's mistake but they can't do anything. THEY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING. Oh and yes, I COULD JUST GO AHEAD AND FILE A COMPLAINT.


This is such a disappointment and a total letdown. This is apparently how they deal with their customers and to think I have always made a payment on time.

TO YOU PLDT, F^&K  ^&*!


  1. That's really annoying! Tsk tsk tsk. I can imagine your frustration! Super hate the customer service of Bayantel too! But we have no other choice :(

  2. Though it's their fault, we would be given the trouble of following it up so that they will prioritize our problem. I had a problem once with Globe, and I got the hassle of calling them up to check it they already fixed my billing problem. I hope PLDT will fix your problem soon.

  3. you have to scream and be OA to them to be recognized by PLDT...

    Their service is good but their customer service really is an epic FAIL!

  4. Personally, I hate PLDT MyDSL.. :( Back in 2007, I applied for a landline + DSL bundle. It took them 2 months to process our application, then when it was time for the initial payment, PLDT landline lang daw dahil tapos na ang promo nila for the bundle. MYGAWD diba? Kasalanan pa ba namin na ang bagal nila magprocess? So we didn't push through na with the application. I applied for SmartBro instead which got us our internet connection up in 48 hours! May 24-hour customer service pa sila na sumasagot ng maayos and nakakatulong sa net connection problems namin. Never did we have any billing problems in the 4 years we've been subscribed to SmartBro.

    Hay, sorry nagrant na ko achie. I just hate PLDT kasi. If only they aren't this big of a utilities company.. >.<

  5. rogers is one of largest online provider here and i am one of the worst b1tch their customer service ever met.

    any dollar they charge without my consent,di ko sila favorite line is"is this how you a customer who is with you for 20 plus years? i deserve a discount for the next six months on my bills for the aggravation your giving me!" and it usually works.
    and if that doesnt work,"i want to talk to your manager" will.;)


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