Saturday, January 21, 2012

dating your kids ...

I recently had a conversation with a Dad who had a son and a daughter. He told me that he would always allot his weekends with his kids and they bond pretty well. This was good, hearing something like this from a Dad. However, I asked him, "do you go on one on one dates with them?" He gave me a blank look.

Guess the answer's no.

I then started to ramble about why he should have one on one dates with his kids since they are of the opposite sex and the kids will benefit greatly from it. Happy kids = happy Daddy. Unhappy kids = receding hairline for Daddy. Besides, a one on one date once a month can't be all that time consuming.

One day later, I realized that I mouthed off on why he should do this (and yes, he agreed) but realized that since I posted Date # 4 with B, there were also other blogger parents who have asked me where they can take out their kids when they go on a date. Due to insistent demand (insistent daw o?) I am posting a few suggestions here to hopefully help out the Moms and most especially the Dads.

If you are bonding with your daughter, you can go to the following:
  • coffee shop - - as a start, you want to find out what she likes, what she prefers ... a coffee shop is a pretty safe place because they would have those caffeine free drinks as well as pastries 
  • movie house - - yes, it has to be something she likes and you have to pay for the popcorn 
  • arts and crafts store - - if your daughter is into this, there are a lot of kiosks in the mall that allows you to do artwork together 
  • art galleries and museums - - she learns something new, and you enrich her life by teaching her to love the arts
  • shopping ... best way to bond whether it be clothes or gadgets 
If you are bonding with your son, you can go to the following:
  • laser extreme - - no, I'm not talking about the laser for the eye or figure enhancement ... I am referring to laser extreme where you can play hide and seek but with flashing lights and music 
  • paintball and airsoft - - need I say more? 
  • basketball - - the all time father- son bonding 
  • anime conventions / comic conventions - - if he's into these kinda of things, this is the perfect bonding place 
  • photowalks 
So, there you go. You could of course use the suggestion for boys to go on dates with your little girls and vice versa. It really depends on the personality of your kid but whatever their personality is, I'm pretty sure that they will appreciate the one on one dates you will plan with them.

I know B does.


  1. I have a date day with my kids but we haven't started again this year. Each of them will get a day from me and just have fun. We also talk about date day budgets. ^_^

  2. Asking suggestions from kids might also help. :)

  3. Oh, you can also add Timezone or Quantum or any other arcade.. hahaha.. :D I remember when I was a kid, I was so happy when my parents first brought me to one.. XD


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